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Mahi  Mahi

Mahi Dolphin Fish  

Coryphaena hippurus
The Mahi Mahi, also known as the Dolphin Or Dorado is one of the finest eating fish that swims the oceans. Mahi is a Hawaiian word and Dorado is the Spanish word for the Dolphin fish. Grilled, blackened, or baked are the most common ways to prepare Mahi fish. No matter how you cook it, you can't go wrong with any recipe. They are a fast swimming game fish that will jump, leap and summersault when you hook them. They can be caught in most every ocean on the planet.
Here on this site you will find how , when, and where to catch them, Tips and techniques used by professional captains, How to Filet Your Dolphin, How and where to buy Dolphin and know if it is fresh or not,
 How to package fish for the freezer, Many recipes that you will absolutely love.
Picture Of the Largest Mahi

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This fish is very prolific, growing very fast in its first year of life. They reach maturity at 6 months of age and are able to reproduce when they reach this age. They live to be about 5 years old and can reach a size of 90 pounds. school of DolphinFemales can spawn 3 times a year and produce up to a million eggs each time. Dolphin will feed on almost anything they can chase down and catch. They primarily feed in the daylight hours. Due to recent advancements in larval rearing research, dolphin aquaculture presents a potentially lucrative and abundant source of food for humans, and reduces the chance of commercial and sport over fishing in the wild. Because of their rapid growth they are often raised in captivity as a food source. In captivity they grow slower than in the wild. They consume such massive amounts of food that aquaculture has not been as profitable compared to other species of fish. Dolphin is low in saturated fat and is a good source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, and potassium and a very good source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, and selenium. For more on nutrition, see Mahi Nutrition Facts.  . Globally, about 80 million pounds of Dolphin are consumed annually

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Dolphin in the Ocean 

Dolphin fish are apex predators, this means they feed high on the food chain while having only a few predators. These fish are abundant and wide ranging throughout the tropical and subtropical oceans. They support important commercial and recreational fisheries around the world. Dolphin fish are also a large component of the bycatch of the tuna purse-seine and longline fisheries in the Pacific. They are commonly found near natural and artificial floating objects, such as sea weed piles, and debris, a trait which facilitates their capture.
Larger males seem to prefer open ocean habitat while females and smaller males remain associated with Sargasso (in the Atlantic) and floating debris. It has been theorized that males are more active feeders than females and are substantially heavier, so a greater amount of food is required to sustain their metabolism, leading to more voracious feeding. The open ocean habitat provides larger prey for the larger male dolphin fish.

Fishing for Mahi

Fisherman around the world value these golden gems. They are prized for the fantastic display of leaps and jumps after being hooked. The Spanish name for these fish, Dorado, translates into English as Gold. The light tackles Mahi Fishing Pictureenthusiast can find great satisfaction from battling even a small fish. Large fish (over 50 pounds) can match strengths with almost any angler. Battling a large Dolphin can sometimes take 2 hours to land on lighter tackle. They are relatively easy to catch once located. Locating schools of these green and gold athletes is as simple as looking for the 3 B' s. Birds, Boards, and Boats. Birds- find a flock of birds feeding in warm deep blue ocean depths and you have probably found a school of them. Boards - anything floating in the water such as a pallet or Bamboo log will lead you to a school of fish. Mahi Mahi PicturesThese fish have an affinity for floating objects. Boats- other boats sitting and drifting may be in a school of fish. Be kind and don't crowd the other boat but get close enough to get in on the action. More on fishing...

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