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Bull Dolphin Fiberglass reproduction mounts

Bull Dolphin Mount 

The Bull Dolphin makes the most attractive fish mount for hanging on the wall. Even the cow or a smaller fish and its awesome colors can add majic to a room. You can very seldom find a tropical style restaurant or bar that doesn't have one of these beautiful fish hanging from the wall.


The difference between the Bull (male) and the cow (female) is mainly the size and shape of the head. The Bull dolphin has a forehead that rises straight up from his mouth creating a blunt face. The cow has a rounded face which makes a semi circle. Bulls grow much larger than the cow dolphin but both have brilliant colors. The first time you see a dolphin in the water you will be amazed at the neon colors.

Not many taxidermist mount fish with the actual fish skin anymore. They reproduce the fish with a fiberglass mold and then a painter will recreate the colors. This brings the cost of the mount down and also allows an angler to release the fish unharmed. Your other option is to take this delicious fish home for dinner and enjoy.

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